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When Dae Breaks​


It was just supposed to be a girls' night out. She never guessed the trouble she'd get into—or the man who would save her.

Rachel Dae fell fast for Ian, the tall, dark and sexy man who saved her outside a local club. But when her childhood-crush-turned-best-friend Anthony needs her help dealing with being a newly single dad, unresolved feelings ignite, jealousy peaks and tempers flare as they spend time together.

But, Rachel’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. One mysterious call changes everything when a distorted voice on the phone forces Rachel to choose between crossing an ethical line to send an innocent man to prison or risking the lives of everyone she loves.

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When Knight Falls


The sequel to When Dae Breaks

They finally found their way to each other, but outside forces threaten to tear them apart.

Best friends since childhood, Rachel and Anthony finally found their way to one another despite life-threatening odds, but their love comes with challenges, as outside forces are determined to destroy their relationship and their lives.

While packing to move in with Anthony, Rachel finds that Ian Knight has hidden a small camera among her things. Her ex is clearly not ready to let her go, and the camera is just the beginning of what the cartel leader has planned, including kidnapping, manipulation and murder.

When Knight Falls


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the perfect blend of romance, danger, lies and deceit



-Jessica C. (Amazon)

deep and intriguing. With twist that make the stories exciting and fun to read.

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an emotional roller coaster




-Wendy (Amazon)