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At Faceless Nightclub, anonymity is key. The freedom and excitement of the club is just what Emily needs to unwind from her new job and demanding boss.

But, when Emily becomes involved with the man she's nicknamed Mr. Black, she's left wondering if she can handle not knowing his true identity. She's never seen his face, doesn't even know his real name, all she knows is that when she's with him, the sparks threaten to set the whole club on fire, a club that holds more secrets than anyone realizes.

Standalone romantic suspense novel with some dark elements. Contains mature content including violence, crime, sexual situations, and drug use. For readers 18+ only.

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a dangerous, intense and lustful read

-Patty (Amazon)

a storyline that will blow your mind.

An intense read that will keep you flipping the pages.

-WildMnMs (Amazon)