Lies Between Us Ebook Cover.png
Lies Between Us

After a steamy one-night stand leaves Alexis with a baby on the way, and no way to find the father, she’s forced to make the rash decision to marry the infatuated small-town police chief who promises her the safety and security she needs.

But safety is the last thing her new husband offers as their relationship gradually becomes violent. When the abuse reaches an all-time high, Alexis finally finds the courage to take her daughter and run. Determined to raise her daughter alone, Alexis leaves everything behind, until a freak accident brings her face to face with the same man she’d shared that heated night with two years before.

Warning: This novel contains sexual situations, adult language, and scenes of violence, including domestic violence that may be disturbing for some readers.

Forgotten Evil ebook New Cover.jpg
Forgotten Evil

From the world of Faceless comes Ben's story. A romantic suspense filled with danger, adventure, mystery, redemption, and a little bit of Forgotten Evil.

Escaped from police custody, Ben finds himself on the run as one of America's most wanted. He planned his escape flawlessly but he couldn't have planned for Kate.

She can't hide the recognition on her face when she runs into the recently arrested trafficker from the news. He can't risk her turning him in, so he forces her to go with him.

Getting to know the sweet IT girl has Ben wishing he could leave behind all the evil he'd been a part of to start a new life as a better man but there are some things he just can't forget.

While a continuation from Faceless, Forgotten Evil can be read as a standalone with no cliffhangers.
This novel contains violence, kidnapping, strong language, and sexual situations intended only for readers 18 or older.

The Line ebook New Cover.jpg
The Line:  The Complete Series​


The complete Line Series in one book.

This book contains violence, strong language, and sexual situations meant for adults 18+ only.

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At Faceless Nightclub, anonymity is key. The freedom and excitement of the club is just what Emily needs to unwind from her new job and demanding boss.

But, when Emily becomes involved with the man she's nicknamed Mr. Black, she's left wondering if she can handle not knowing his true identity. She's never seen his face, doesn't even know his real name, all she knows is that when she's with him, the sparks threaten to set the whole club on fire, a club that holds more secrets than anyone realizes.

Standalone romantic suspense novel with some dark elements. Contains mature content including violence, crime, sexual situations, and drug use. For readers 18+ only.

Dangerous Games Ebook cover.png
Dangerous Games​


Hailey has three rules for her love life: Have fun, keep it simple, and don't fall in love. These rules worked well until she's brought face to face with the man who inspired them.

He broke her heart and let her walk away. She filled her nights with casual sex and one night stands, vowing to never let a man close enough to hurt her again. But when fate throws them back together, Hailey will learn that things aren't always what they seem.

Struggling to look beyond the pain of her past to work with the man who broke her heart, Hailey risks losing it all when she finds herself in the middle of a very dangerous game.

This book contains violence, strong language, and sexual situations meant for adults 18+ only.

When Dae Breaks cover.jpg
When Dae Breaks


It was just supposed to be a girls' night out. She never guessed the trouble she'd get into—or the man who would save her.

Rachel Dae fell fast for Ian, the tall, dark and sexy man who saved her outside a local club. But when her childhood-crush-turned-best-friend Anthony needs her help dealing with being a newly single dad, unresolved feelings ignite, jealousy peaks and tempers flare as they spend time together.

But, Rachel’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. One mysterious call changes everything when a distorted voice on the phone forces Rachel to choose between crossing an ethical line to send an innocent man to prison or risking the lives of everyone she loves.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of attempted sexual assault.

When Knight Falls cover.jpg
When Knight Falls


The sequel to When Dae Breaks

They finally found their way to each other, but outside forces threaten to tear them apart.

Best friends since childhood, Rachel and Anthony finally found their way to one another despite life-threatening odds, but their love comes with challenges, as outside forces are determined to destroy their relationship and their lives.

While packing to move in with Anthony, Rachel finds that Ian Knight has hidden a small camera among her things. Her ex is clearly not ready to let her go, and the camera is just the beginning of what the cartel leader has planned, including kidnapping, manipulation and murder.

Crossing the Line ebook New Cover.jpg
Crossing the Line​


He's a killer able to reach even the most untouchable marks and she's his new obsession. Watching from his balcony, Hunter can't fight the force pulling him toward the girl who just moved in across the street. The sexy little brunette bouncing around her apartment unpacking boxes has him searching for a way to get closer. He never expected to be watching from the shadows as the police take her away. If he wants a chance with her, he has no choice but to follow.


All Addy wanted was a new beginning and a chance at a normal life after leaving her cheating ex. She never expected her new start to include witnessing a brutal crime and being forced to relocate while the police searched for the killer. Finding herself waiting tables alone in a new town isn't exactly the start she was hoping for until the handsome stranger at table four turns her world upside down.


Crossing the Line is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

Contains violent scenes and sexual situations. Mature readers only. Adults 18+

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Blurring the Line ebook New Cover.jpg
Blurring the Line​


He'd gone on countless assignments all around the world but nothing could prepare him for her. Tension is high after a cyber attack exposes the agency's personnel files to enemy hackers. Among those exposed includes the Director of the secret military security group. Chris's boss assigns him to security detail for his spoiled and stubborn twenty-three-year-old daughter. It could be an assignment from hell until Chris gets a look at the gorgeous woman with her perfect curves. What he doesn't realize is that this stubborn woman may be the most challenging mission yet.

Caroline's overprotective father reaches a new extreme when he hires a bodyguard to watch over her. She'd happily spend her time with the muscled hunk oozing masculinity unlike the boys she's met before but she resists -- convinced he's not there to keep her safe but to keep her from living her life. Caroline refuses to be controlled by her father or the strong, tough soldier her dad sent to protect her.​

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Drawing the Line ebook New Cover.jpg
Drawing the Line​


Mason Carlile loves his career as an explosives expert for a secret government agency. The danger, intrigue, and complexities of his job make him a valuable asset. When the Agency is under attack by a group determined to take them down, they need him more than ever. Delivering on his commitment to the Agency may be impossible, though, since he's wanted by the local police for murder. He'll do anything to clear his name and fight for his colleagues--even if it means forcing himself into the home of an innocent, unsuspecting artist.

Hana Moore lives a quiet, creative existence as a struggling painter. When her home is invaded by a mysterious man supposedly running from the police, her world is turned upside down. Completely freaked out, she struggles to reconcile her fear of her captor with some sense of normalcy, as he hides out in her home and disrupts her everyday life. Even though she knows he's not what he seems, Hana can't help feeling safe with him and finds herself wanting to help.

Both captor and hostage are careful to draw the line between what they want and what they must do. But sometimes, the heart has other plans.

This book contains violence, language, and sexual situations intended for mature readers 18+. Guaranteed HEA

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